TAG TransTech Meeting (May)

26 May TAG TransTech Meeting (May)

Christian Speaking TransTech May 2016On May 24th 2016 Technology companies and employees across the Atlanta area came together to discuss the future of smart cities, and how it aligns with TransTech. The overall mission is to showcase Georgia as the core of “smart” transportation technology. This meeting with TAG TransTech provides leadership as well as opportunity for collaboration for Atlanta institutions, industry stakeholders, and TAG industry professionals to achieve this goal and increasing “smart” transportation technology. This meeting is also accompanied by several guest speakers including; Wayne Li who is a professor at Georgia Tech and Stanford, and also works with Volkswagen and Ford as a consultant on the human-machine interface, and Christian Kotscher who is the founder and CEO of MetroTech. It was a great night full of shared ideas and opportunities to meet those in the same industry.

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