MetroTech Hard at Work

MetroTech’s technology converts existing video cameras into multi-dimensional traffic sensors. The video analytics provides a highly accurate view of speed and traffic information per lane at each intersection or measurement point. By capturing speed volume and rate-of-flow per cycle, the IntelliSection reports the condition of that roadway. It can then compare that data at other time periods to discover patterns.

The transcribed data can then be combined with all other traffic sensors including Bluetooth, Loops, Pucks, Radar and more. All this data is fed into the MetroTech Traffic Vision Center (MTN-TVC). Flow of vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles, travel times, travel delays, queue length and number of turning movements are measured. The data can be compared to other routes, other day parts and other areas to find ways to improve travel.

In addition to publishing the current measure of traffic, MetroTech uses predictive analytics to plan for emerging congestion. In doing so, cars and trucks can avoid future bottlenecks, and municipalities can better plan future construction.

Creating and Connecting Smart Cities

The cities of the future will be powered by advanced communication networks, smart sensors and intelligent management systems.

– Cisco Systems

MetroTech is uniquely positioned to work with the existing government infrastructure to make the greatest use of transportation department resources. MetroTech can connect and create a cross-jurisdictional clearinghouse for traffic data and allow visibility to all those that need the traffic data. They can then collect the raw transportation data and broadcast the “health” of the intersection.

What makes us stand out:

  • A working technology in production
  • Cloud-based scalability
  • Remote system configurations
  • Integration-ready sensor inputs
  • Minimal privacy concerns

The information gathered can then help every municipality, company, organization and consumer to avoid roadway issues.