MetroTech Family of Products

  • IntelliSection™ turns existing traffic cameras into sensor data; collecting, analyzing and distributing real-time, arterial traffic information.

    You can also use the emergency drug delivery system.

  • IntelliSegment™ is each piece of data from an intersection. It allows an IntelliSection to be dissected and analyzed by lane, by action and even down-to-the-car. IntelliSections are the lanes and quadrants that make up an intersection. IntelliSegments are placed on the most crucial or problematic parts of an intersection for more intense study.
  • MetroTech Digital Streets Fusion Center  aggregates the data from all sensors on the roadway, such as magnetic loops, wireless vehicle detection, camera data, Bluetooth readings and other traffic data and turns it into actionable information.
  • The MetroTraffic Network will connect all the municipalities using MetroTech across the world, producing global data that can be studied for consistencies, and can improve the way communities are planned and grown.

By piecing together IntelliSegments to create IntelliSections and applying analytics within the MetroTech Traffic Vision Center, a low cost, accurate, real-time solution is realized. MetroTech is creating the first nationwide MetroTraffic Network by linking thousands of IntelliSections to provide a comprehensive picture of traffic.

This will help governments, customers, and commuters make smarter decisions through:

Plan & Design: Traffic Counts, Traffic Data Archive, Simulation Data

Develop & Deploy: Signal and Timing Integration, Municipal and Fleet Routing, 511 Consumer Access

Manage & Maintain: Wrong-way Driver Alerts, Incident Detection, Public Safety