The Need

By 2050, 70% of the people on Earth will live in a metro area. As populations in cities continue to grow, traffic will continue to escalate.

  • 5.5 billion hours are lost each year from traffic
  • Fleets like UPS, FedEx and ATT Logistics spend $23 billion annually on traffic
  • 2.9 billion gallons of gas is wasted annually in traffic – 2012 UMR TTI
  • The Average American family spends more than $7,600 annually on transportation. – 2012 Treasury Department Report
  • The US spends about 2% of the GDP on infrastructure, far less than other industrialized countries (9% in China and 8% in India). – 2012 Treasury Department Report
  • The total Financial cost of congestion is $121 Billion – 2012 UMR TTI

MetroTech looks to improve upon these growing problems through an accurate, real-time, cost effective solution. This is their competitive advantage as each is important in order to capture a complete picture of traffic. They have yet to find another company that offers a solution with +90% accuracy day and night with less than 1 minute latency at the price point and ease of installation as MetroTech does.