Global Clean Vehicle Summit 2015 Recap

29 Sep Global Clean Vehicle Summit 2015 Recap

Last week MetroTech attended the Global Clean Vehicle Summit in Changzou, China. The event began Tuesday with an introduction to the Chinese market from the US-China Trade Commission lead Nelson Chu in Shanghai. A bus ride to the neighboring Changzou led to the Wujin Shangrila Hotel which was followed by a government banquet. Here participants were able to network and meet fellow selected US participating companies and local Chinese project and development leads.

The next day marked the opening ceremony led by Val Huston, Principal Commercial Officer from the US Embassy in China, Jaiangsu Wujin Officials, and Fend An, President of Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation. The attendees were lead to the conference center where forums were held accompanied by an exhibitor area. The exhibitor area was open to Chinese officials, investors, and business development attendees that had the opportunity to speak one on one with companies, MetroTech included. The day cumulated with Green Car China Award Ceremony who acknowledged those auto companies who had led the clean vehicle industry in different categories.

Thursday morning began with additional panels and forums. The most interesting in our case was the investment panel. In the afternoon all US participating companies, MetroTech included, took part in the Global Clean Vehicle Technology Showcase. Each company was given 5 minutes to present their pre-prepared pitch deck to prospective officials and investors. The day ended with a bus ride back to Shanghai.

Overall, the Global Clean Vehicle Summit was a great experience. The Chinese market is a powerful one and should be paid attention to in today’s world. It was great to learn more on how it functions while also networking with the individuals who drive it in the auto industry. We would like to give a special thanks to Jeff Horowitz and the US-China Clean Tech Center for providing the funding and opportunity for MetroTech to attend such an event.

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