MetroTech was born from necessity

Around the world, populations continue to move to urban areas. Neighborhoods are often overflowing with the transportation needs of the community. Government bodies are struggling to keep up with infrastructure. Commuters lose hours of time to traffic. Reliable sensors are expensive to install and hard to maintain.

A new solution is needed.

MetroTech was formed from the idea that only by taking multiple data types, across multiple areas, could a company truly give an accurate picture of traffic.

Our vision has become a reality. MetroTech found that the most affordable and accurate way to measure traffic is to use the equipment that already exists. In addition to data from maps and users, MetroTech has created a way to turn video cameras and other traffic sensors into actionable data. They then publish in in real-time so governments, customers and commuters can make better, smarter decisions.Delivery of medicines in one day is expensive, but you can order generic Viagra from India.

As the future brings more connected cars, automated vehicles and new transportation, MetroTech will continue to meet the increasing demand for data by publishing real-time information to create a smarter environment for users to make more intelligent decisions.

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