Case Study

Santa Clara County

MetroTech’s patent traffic analysis software leverages video feeds from existing roadside cameras to deliver accurate, real-time traffic flow data to transportation management systems, mobile applications, and connected vehicles.

In a time of reduced public funding for road improvements, MetroTech offers customers an avenue to get more out of what it already owns and an immediate low-cost path to congestion mitigation. 

Value Proposition

  • Mitigates congestion by utilizing actionable traffic data for signal synchronization across intersections, arterials, ramps and freeways
  • Produces accurate, real-time, lane-level, vehicle counts, headway and speeds to Traffic Control Centers (TCC)
  • Powers connected vehicles with real-time, actionable, traffic intelligence
  • Incorporates existing video infrastructure, dramatically increasing benefit-to-cost ratio
  • Reduces secondary accidents via improved emergency response
  • Feeds dynamic message signs, mobile apps and connected vehicles
  • Generates automated “Push-To-Screen” incident detection for TCCs reducing eyes-on-screen requirement while increasing awareness to new events
  • Lowers environmental impact of greenhouse gasses by reducing congestion
  • Increases comuter productivity by reducing travel times
Return on Investment (ROI)

Digitizing intersections through “video-as-a-sensor” technology is dramatically less expensive and less intrusive than adding traditional embedded traffic sensors. IntelliSections do not require road re-surfacing, additional power or cabling. In most cases, communities experience improved vehicular throughput on their existing roadways in less than 90 days. The price of a typical IntelliSection serving four lanes in each direction is approximately $20K.

Commuter Benefits
  • Reduced Travel time estimates along the entire corridor
  • Real-time images of traffic congestion
  • Live incident detection
  • Lane level detection
  • Congestion bypass routes
  • Improved daily route planning
  • Viewable from computer, tablet, smartphone or connected vehicle

Santa Clara County’s ROI for 107 intersections is $17,328,800.

That’s a 8.01x ROI.

In 2012, Santa Clara County, California deployed MetroTech’s IntelliSection technology on 107 intersections including five of its busiest expressways. A post-deployment study on the 17 intersections encompassing the Lawrence Expressway (~600K daily commuters) resulted in a 3% decrease in stops. That’s 18,000 fewer vehicle stops each day.


Santa Clara County projected data collected from the 17 intersections along the Lawrence Expressway across the county’s 107 IntelliSections currently deployed with the following results:


Communities with existing traffic video infrastructure have the distinct opportunity to further leverage their investment. MetroTech‘s IntelliSections yield accurate traffic count, speed and flow data providing real insight into the health and performance of intersections and corridors.


As commuter travel times decrease, productivity and profitability for both individuals and their respective companies increases, improving quality of life and long term economic development.


Commuters, businesses, government and the environment all benefit from reduced congestion. The health of our community as a whole improves as travel times are reduced along with stress, accidents and greenhouse gasses.