For Government


MetroTech links the networks of traffic sensors and cameras that governments already have in place. This massive amount of data produces an unclouded view of the roadways so that traffic departments can better synchronize their resources across intersections, arterials, ramps and freeways. This information allows governments to keep up with rising urbanization.

With big data analytics, cities are better connected and more fully integrated. Municipalities also have more capacity to enhance efficiency. Integrating real-time, existing video footage with other sensors has already dramatically increased benefit-to-cost ratios in cities.

What MetroTech offers Governments

  • A way to leverage previous infrastructure investment
  • Instant analyses of new growth and rising gridlock
  • Historical, real-time and predictive analytics
  • A reduction of secondary accidents
  • Improvements in emergency response times
  • More efficient city planning and road maintenance
  • Automated incident detection
  • A lower environmental impact from emissions
  • Increase in public productivity and happiness

Forward-thinking cities have already invested in smart technology to leverage their previous infrastructure investments into traffic management systems. MetroTech is the next evolution; the first metro-wide, traffic-sensing network.


MetroTech’s direct clients include cities, counties and metro planning organizations. These agencies seek to leverage their existing sensor network to create actionable driving data that can be published in real-time to client markets to reduce congestion, emissions and travel times.