For Consumers


Everyone hates to be stuck in traffic. It is estimated that the average driver loses eight working days a year due to congestion. It’s wasted, frustrating time.

This has given rise to the rocketing use of navigation systems, mobile traffic apps and connected cars. The consumer market for real-time traffic data has grown exponentially over the last few years and will continue to grow. It has been reported by Auto World magazine that the market for GPS systems is more than a billion people.

The more consumers use these systems, the more they demand improvements. They want improved technology and improved data behind that technology. By merging and analyzing all sensors to create a single, real-time, complete system, MetroTech offers consumers the accuracy they want. The MetroTech system generates real-time data for commuters, resulting in decreased travel times, increased productivity and improved quality of life.

MetroTech actually concentrates on what really matters. People.

Armed with MetroTech’s data, commuters are able to make smarter decisions. They can navigate out of high traffic areas and are able to better plan their day. By spending less time in traffic, people are able to spend more time at their destination.

MetroTech offers several benefits for consumers:

  • A real-time, accurate, lane-level report of traffic
  • Improvement in daily route planning
  • Mitigation of congestion due to actionable information
  • Publishing traffic intelligence directly to connected vehicles
  • Reduction of accidents and secondary accidents
  • A display for computers, tablets, smartphones and connected vehicles