For Businesses

Traffic is a huge issue for businesses of all kinds. Traffic patterns decide on retail locations, logistics, delivery times and ease-to-market. Without accurate, cost-efficient data, businesses can’t make informed decisions on where to put their next store. Without real-time information about key intersections and road incidents they are unable to plan driving routes.

By providing historical, real-time and predictive analytics, MetroTech can provide companies with a better understanding of a community’s traffic flow and their transportation needs; construction companies can propose new projects; logistics companies can increase revenues, and as companies change over their vehicles to smart and connected cars, they can publish to-the-lane information directly to them. Incidents along a route can be pushed directly to the vehicles in that area, helping avoid hours of delays.

MetroTech has several benefits for multiple industries.


  • Companies have accurate arrival times/windows for service vehicles
  • Alternate bypass routes keep everyone on schedule
  • Bypasses reduce congestion costs and overhead costs
  • A real-time system streamlines operations


  • Decisions for rates are based on better information
  • Adjusters have a better picture of road conditions

Big Data Companies

  • Big data adds to the abilities of programs and algorithms
  • Customers benefit from more accurate, complete data

Hotels, Retail, Developers

  • Companies gain a better understanding of each location’s business
  • Site selection can be made on current traffic patterns

Outdoor/Mobile Advertising

  • More data gives advertisers better insights about consumers
  • Companies better gauge billboard visibility
  • Media companies more accurately price placements
  • Advertising happens in real-time
  • The message customizes for every area

Routing Companies

  • Customers get data that is more up-to-date
  • Bypass routes are broadcast faster and down-to-the-lane
  • Consumers gain a more complete view of the roads

Car Companies

  • Companies meet the demand for connected cars
  • Better data gives a competitive advantage over common offerings
  • An added feature equals an added revenue stream