Author: Carly Valcheff

26 Apr

Smart Cities MetroTech

MetroTech works in partnership with cities and municipalities to create value for their citizens by eliminating traffic congestion. In this video, Samir Sani, City of Atlanta CIO, recognizes MetroTech’s work providing data such as lane level vehicle counts, velocity, headway, and turning patterns that are...

30 Mar

2015 Startup Grind- Tampa Bay Christian Kotscher

Christian Kotscher, MetroTech’s Founder & CEO, shares his thoughts on how to succeed as an entrepreneur in an interview with Startup Grind. He discusses his journey of creating MetroTech including what drove and inspired him, the challenges he faced, and his vision for the future. [embed][/embed]...

06 Apr

2014 Georgia Tech ATDC Showcase

At the Georgia Tech ATDC showcase, MetroTech gives a brief, one-minute rundown of what we do. How does MetroTech take existing video cameras and turn them into traffic sensors? Who are MetroTech’s current customers, and who else could MetroTech work with in the future? Learn...