Metropolitan Solutions: City-Business Talks

01 May Metropolitan Solutions: City-Business Talks

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This week MetroTech was accepted as one of the twelve innovation companies to participate in the Metropolitan Solutions: City-Business Talks in Berlin, Germany between May 20th and 22nd. Metropolitan Solutions is the gateway event to cross-industry solutions for urban infrastructure. The trade show focuses on best-practice examples and currently available solutions for the urgent infrastructure problems faced by cities around the world. Core topics are energy, mobility and communication technologies as well as pathways to smart cities. Metropolitan Solutions also brings together a variety of specialized conferences under one roof, creating the most comprehensive global platform on smart cities and urban infrastructure. MetroTech looks forward to the ICLEI’s sponsored event that will bring together businesses and cities for dialogues on smart and sustainable city solutions. The City-Business Talks enable participants to network and to develop partnerships and joint strategies as well as to foster mutual understanding of the supply and demand side of sustainable city solutions.

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